Social Science Data Service

The Social Science Data Service (SSDS) provides quantitative computing, consulting and data services for the Division of Social Sciences.  As part of the Institute for Social Sciences, the SSDS provides cost effective specialized resources in support of quantitative social scientists.


The SSDS provides consulting services on a range of software used in social science research and data sources of interest to social scentists.  The Data Service provides support to a range of users in the Division of Social Sciences and across the campus, including support to a number of extramurally funded projects.The SSDS also conducts training workshops on data management and statistical computing.


The SSDS manages several computing systems in support of quantitative research within the Division of Social Sciences: a UNIX system, a Windows terminal server, labs equipped with PCs and scanning equipment, and a cold room for projects using confidential data.


The SSDS supports quantitative social science research with a specialized data collection and a variety of services.

SPSS License

The Social Science Data Service coordinates licensing for the SPSS statistical software line for the UC Davis campus for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.