CRS Data Workstation


Select data sources are available on a PC at SSDS (Room 111 SSH).  For students and faculty in the Division of Social Science, campus logins will work in the SSDS lab.

 The following items are available on the data workstation.

  • ArcView GIS Datasets

    o China Industrial Census Data With GIS Maps
    o China Economic Census Data With GIS Maps
    o Historical China County Population Census Data with GIS Maps
  • CPS Utilities

    o Workplace I Topics (January/February)
    o Annual Social and Economic Supplement (March)
    o Marriage & Fertility (June)
    o Education & School Enrollment (October)
    o Voting & Registration (November)
  • Cross National Time-series Data Archive

  • REIS Regional Economic Information System

  • SEER*Stat US Mortality Files Client (Research Data agreement with NCI required for account)

  • SIPP Utilities

  • UN Commodity Production Statistics Dataset

    o 1950-2002
    o 1995-2007
  • UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database


This workstation also has ArcView GIS, Eviews7, and StatTransfer installed, as well as a Canon 9000F scanner with OmniPage, PhotoShop Elements and PDF Converter.