Restricted Access Data Brown Bag Series

The Computational Research Service and the Vocational Education Cluster of the Center for Poverty Research sponsor a series of brown bag sessions on the use of restricted access data in social science research.  The series is part of the Vocational Education Cluster's campus-funded IFHA (Interdisciplinary Frontier in the Humanities and Arts) project.

Begun in 2014, the sessions in the series to date have been:

  • Overview of Restricted Access Data and Multi-disciplinary Approaches (MP3)
    This session gives an overview of restricted access data and multi-disciplinary approaches to the use of the Add Health restricted access datasets.
    Bill McCarthy, Professor of Sociology
    Kali Trzesniewski, Professor of Psychology
    Kevin Williams, Professor of Economics
  • Finding Your Own Restricted Access Data: Using Administrative Records (MP3)
    This session provides guidance on using administrative records to create your own restricted access data.
    Scott Carrell, Economics
    Michal Kurlaender, Education
  • Finding Restricted Access Data: SSDS Resources and Census Research Data Centers (MP3)
    The session is an overview of resources of the Social Science Data Service and the Census Research Data Center at UC Berkeley.
    Jean Stratford, Social Science Data Service
    Jon Stiles, Executive Director, Census Bureau Research Data Center, UC Berkeley
    SSDS List of Restricted Access Data Sources
    Census RDC Presentation Slides (PDF)