SPSS Licensing

The Computational Research Service coordinates licensing for the SPSS statistical software line for the UC Davis campus for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. A Linux version is also available upon request (check requirements for supported distributions/versions).  The SPSS license is available to faculty and staff for use on university owned-computers.

Each SPSS license you purchase allows you to install SPSS on a university-owned work and university-owned home/travel system as long as the two are not used simultaneously (e.g. university desktop & university-owned laptop).

You may not install this software on a server in order to share a single copy among multiple users. Server licenses are available upon request; contact the site license coordinator for further information. By entering these license codes, you are agreeing to adhere to the campus site license agreement.

Documentation is available online directly from IBM: http://www.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/documentation/software/spss/spss_statistics.

SPSS releases patches and updates periodically, which are available from IBM.

Licensed SPSS Modules

The UCD SPSS site license includes the following modules: Statistics Base, Advanced Statistics, Regression, Custom Tables, Data Preparation, Missing Values, Forecasting, Decision Trees, Direct Marketing, Complex Samples, Conjoint, Neural Networks, Bootstrapping, Categories, Exact Tests, Visualization Designer, and Sample Power. AMOS, a structural equation modeling add-on package, is available for SPSS for Windows only.

  • The license expires on December 1 each year. You must renew the license annually and obtain the renewal code or the software will stop functioning on or around January 1.
  • The annual fee is $150, prorated only during the final remaining third of the license year (Aug.-Nov.). A renewal notice will be sent to all registered license holders prior to the software expiration date.

A department recharge account is required for a purchase of an SPSS license. If you do not have a personal department recharge account, please coordinate with your department to provide one to you (e.g. provide personal check payment directly to your department).

Purchasing SPSS Licenses

Individual codes will be shipped for each copy ordered to the licensee. A comment field is provided on the order form if other instructions are necessary. Single codes for multiple copies to facilitate a large number of installs are also available upon request.

Licenses are also available for Remote Desktop servers, and those interested should contact the site license coordinator.

Students wishing to purchase SPSS should consult the various online vendors that sell academic-discounted software, such as: http://www.onthehub.com.


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For more information on the UC Davis SPSS license contact:

John Daniels
Computational Research Service
105 Social Science and Humanities Building
University of California
Davis, CA 95616